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Car window tinting

For tinting rear and side windows, we offer a selection of high-class films. In this way you will be able to ensure the safety of yourself, your relatives and your property. On hot summer days, you can make efficient use of the air conditioning, keep the cabin cool and protect the car’s interior from fading ultraviolet rays. At night, you will no longer be overwhelmed by unwanted car headlights.

Window tinting is not only a practical choice, but also an aesthetic that adds to virtually every car. We select the film according to each customer's taste or need. Choose the desired darkness of the film and the level of heat protection. We have
a wide range of strength choices, and our film gluing experts will glue accurately and provide a guarantee.

If you are worried or pass the car inspection due to the wrong glass tone, we want to reassure you that the permissible light transmittance of the rear windows is unlimited, so if there is
need, you can boldly choose and the darkest films we offer.
So, is it really worth staining vehicle windows with film? Here are some benefits, and you can choose the most acceptable one:

  • Great car look

  • Comfort and privacy for you and your passengers

  • Protects the car's interior from the sun and heat from entering

  • The sun's rays do not fade the car's interior

  • High-quality film ensures good visibility

  • During an accident, when the glass breaks, the shards do not scatter around the cabin, protecting you and your passengers from injury to the glass shards

  • Long film life

If you are interested in tinting glass - let us know, we will help you find the most suitable solution.

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Gallery of completed works

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Plėvelės pralaidumas priekyje 50%, gale
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Soliarinės plėvelės šviesos pralaidumas
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Plėvelės šviesos pralaidumas 15%.png
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Plėvelės šviesos pralaidumas priekyje 50
Soliarinės plėvelės šviesos pralaidumas
Soliarinės plėvelės šviesos pralaidumas
Soliarinės plėvelės šviesos pralaidumas
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